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Caridad - Feeding the Homeless


Caridad de Porres - Lets's talk about feeding hot meals to some 12, 000 people each MONTH!

Winner of the DO IT RIGHT Award 2006

Read the words of the original founder and past President, Rev Joseph M. Baker, deceased and what he said years ago about the program, which has now been adopted by the Tucson Community Food Bank.....

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Can we count on you to help the less fortunate?
Help Feed the Hungry... Together We Make A Difference!

Caridad de Porres, Inc., is a non-denominational organization which has been working for humanity and human dignity by feeding the body, nourishing the mind and lifting the spirit for more than 17 years in Pima County.
Immediate assistance is provided to those who are in need of emergency food and services. Last year donations and other support made it possible to provide more than 170,000 hot meals to members of our community in 11 interfaith locations throughout the county. These neighbors often come to one of the distribution sites because they must choose between buying food, obtaining medical care, or paying the rent. No one should have to make that choice.
Providing nutritious meals for daily distribution is only part of how Caridad de Porres accomplishes its mission. An innovative job-skills training program addresses the root of the need by providing people who are ready to enter the workforce with marketable skills, an essential step toward preventing hunger. Caridad's trainees spend three months learning culinary skills and foodservice preparation and are placed in permanent jobs upon graduation.
Please take a moment right now to complete the attached form and snail it along with your generous tax-deductible donation in the postage-paid envelope. Your contribution will ensure that no child, senior citizen, family or individual in Pima County feels the pain of hunger throughout the next year.
With your support, we can continue to make a difference for community members in need.


Caridad de Porres Hot Meal Program




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More IMPORTANT Facts about Caridad de Porres Hot Meal Program

2004 Recipient of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona's Small Organization Impact Achievement Award.

A two-year capital campaign resulted in the recent contruction of a 5,250-square-foot training and kitchen facility that also includes a food warehouse and offices.

Caridad de Porres is one of a handful of feeding programs in Pima County.

The organization continues the work of St. Martin de Porres of Lima, Peru who, in the 17th Century, fed more than 150 people a day among the sick and poor with his meager alms.


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